Wild Child Jewelry Designs

3750 Old Suwanee Rd, Sewanee, GA, 30024

My name is Jesse Parry, and I am a Filipino American artist living in Metro Atlanta.

I began metalsmithing during my sophomore year of high school. After taking a class with a professional metalsmith (and yes, one at first), my dad graciously gifted me with a torch and material which began my journey as a jewelry artist. Little did I know at the time metalsmithing would provide me with not only a creative outlet but connections to a wonderful community of artists and amazing people all over the world.

My chosen medium is sterling silver. I specialize in creating Custom Mountain Bracelets which draw inspiration from family trips to Blue Ridge, GA. The most striking feature is the iridescent patina, which adds pops of color and creates a unique and distinctive look. Minimalist, modern, and nature-inspired are ways to describe my collection of handcrafted jewelry. You can expect for each piece to be meticulously crafted with your comfort in mind.

When I'm away from my bench, I'm either baking scones, writing, or hanging out with my dogs. No matter where I am, I'm always listening to classic rock.

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You can also check out my mentor/best friend’s page @CatGoolsby.