• Caiter’d

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  • Cecelia Stitch

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  • Citrus Tree

    Hi there! Welcome to our page! My name is Poornima and I'm the owner & maker of the handmade products for Citrus Tree. 

    Citrus Tree is an online store that sells natural handcrafted, artisan soaps made with natural, plant-based ingredients. All our soaps are made with skin loving oils, luxurious butters and are scented with essential oils. We source these ingredients from reputed vendors who practice fair-trade and are sustainably sourced. We try our best to use organic ingredients when we can and source locally as well, like honey & such. 

    Our Mission - “To provide quality & affordable all-natural products that are good for you & the planet.”

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  • Corner House Jewellery

    Hi there! I’m Kandy, the creator and metalsmith of everything you see here. Everything is hand made with love and care. My inspiration comes from the gemstones themselves, materials at hand, nature or anything that pops in my head. I use mostly sterling silver, sometimes copper and brass.


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  • Crafted by Golub

    Hey everyone! My name is Rashel and welcome to Crafted by Golub. We are a home decor shop based in Missouri. 

    We make custom farmhouse signs that are personalized to fit your home specifically,  as well as other home decor and home accessory items.  

    Thanks for visiting and please send me a message with any requests !

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  • Fickle Me Jewelry

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  • Hannah’s Originals

    Hello, and welcome. We're glad you stopped by! I'm Carree, owner/operator of Hannah's Originals. A small, woman-owned company first incorporated in the early 2000's, and named after my first born.
    We hand make, in small batches; soaps, bath salts, foot soaks, bath truffles, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, lip balm, bath salts, foot soaks, botanically dyed towels, etc. 
    And because my interests and talents are very eclectic, you may find macrame, cross stitch, and embroidery on here as well. It's an emerging development, so we'll see how it goes.
    Our products are vegan friendly, vegetable based products. We use essential oils and fragrance oils in our products. The fragrance oils we use are phthalate, PEG, and paraben free. We leave it up to you to choose products you love. Hannah's Originals has products that are good for all bodies.
    We love to reduce, reuse, recycle, so you may receive packaging material that came to us in our personal shipments. Also, all of our soaps are wrapped in fully biodegradable, compostable shrink wrap. Unless you choose a "naked" bar, in which case your soap will be wrapped in parchment.
    Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for supporting this small business.
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  • Hello Hue Studio

    HelloHue Studio is a one-woman operation, created and run by Skye Livingston. Newly located in the New Hampshire seacoast, HelloHue Studio designs and produces small batches of textile accessories that combine fresh modern aesthetics with the ancient practice of coloring cloth with natural elements.

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  • Jennifer Froh Jewelry

    Hi, I'm Jennifer. Every piece in the shop is handmade in my Milwaukee-area studio. I love working with sterling silver, soldering intricate parts, and making kinetic jewelry. Each piece of wearable art is hand bent, cut, soldered, and brushed so they are each one-of-a-kind. This jewelry is fun and exists to be worn.

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  • JMJ Designs

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  • Julia Cleaver

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  • Keller Landing Designs

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  • Le's Clay Designs

    Hand made polymer clay jewelry.

    Small batches of statement pieces, wearable art.

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  • MJ Designs

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  • Moffat Claycraft

    One of the things I enjoyed most as a kid was spending time with my grandmother in the country… She taught me many crafts, like knitting and macrame. Pottery, however, was something I started many years later, as a hobby and as a way to relax after an office day where I worked as an engineer. Little by little I started to realize that I really enjoyed that creative space, and that I wanted to give myself the opportunity to devote more time to it. My house started to fill up with pottery, so much so that my friends started buying it off me… soon after, I participated in my first markets, which gave me the confidence and the encouragement I needed to dedicate myself professionally to this.

    I enjoy crafting unique handmade pieces that would accompany people on their daily routines, to be able to add something different to their everyday activities, something that they can visually enjoy as well as use. I like details that contribute to a delicate and unique character in my designs.

    My studio is a space of experimentation, where I have the freedom to try ideas that come to me when I go for walks, look at my previous work, or when I talk with people at fairs and markets. It is a space to experiment without fear of messing up.

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  • Poppy Jewelry Designs

    Elegant and minimalist jewelry mindfully handmade for all. Made in Seattle, WA, by me,  Rachel. Thank you for being here! You can shop more styles on my website.

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  • Robin's Gotcha Covered, LLC

    Hello and welcome to my shop!  My name is Robin and I am the owner and maker of the handmade items in my shop.

    I am an Ohio based online shop featuring quilts, blankets and other fabric made items.  

    Thank you for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Rokita Art

    Hello! I'm Rokita - an intuitive abstract artist based in Pittsburgh, PA, painting with watercolor, inks, and threads. Thank you so much for stopping by my Happening Hands shop. 

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  • SammyLu Designs

    Welcome to my shop where you will find original one of a kind handmade spun cotton creations inspired by vintage ornaments and objects from the past.  Spun cotton ornaments originated in Europe in the 19th Century where artisans used materials such as cotton, cotton batting, wired armatures and different types of paints to create their art.  I like to use the same types of materials to make my creations as well as including vintage embellishments such as ribbons, lace, and other vintage finds that I feel will compliment my art.  

    Each one of my creations is signed and dated so you can be assured it is an original.  Since they are one of a kind, no two are alike.  If you would like to have a custom made creation designed, please reach out to me to discuss ideas. 

    Enjoy shopping and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Sharon, Sam and Luna :)

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    Hello, lovers of natural and handmade goodness! At Seazen, we strive for one thing: to provide that small burst of joy throughout your day that you deserve. Each product is handmade and meticulously thought out to provide something you will love. We use aromatherapy to enhance your experience, and create nourishment through multiple senses. You’ll feel hydrated and rejuvenated after each use. 

    Why natural? We often forget that nature offers us rich resources for keeping our skin healthy and hydrated. At Seazen we embrace nature's humble luxury. Our products are made with100% natural ingredients from the highest quality organic gardens that you cannot get from your average body shop.

    Visit SEAZEN website here.

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  • Simply Daisy

    Soaps & lotions for healthy skin.

    • Made with organic, unrefined ingredients.
    • Heals, soothes & smooths.
    • Helps eczema, psoriasis, dry and sun damaged skin.
    • Scented with essential oil.
    • We use our own fresh goat’s milk in most of our products!

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  • Susie Homemade

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  • TaleyaChunlee

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  • Ten Thousand Dandelions

    Statement Accessories for the Urban Traveler - Colorful Knits, Silk Scarves & Jewelry

    For the Urban Traveler who wants to make an impression at their next destination.

    For the Rising Professional who's ready to ditch polyester.

    For the Working Mom who wants a quick and gorgeous flourish to finish her outfit.

    Feel more confident, creative & capable.

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  • The Beaded Art Boutique

    I'm Jen, the founder and chief beader behind The Beaded Art Boutique.

    The Beaded Art Boutique was founded in 2021 in the midst of the pandemic as a way to express my creative side. My goal is to bring unique beaded jewelry to women who want one-of-a-kind pieces that are modern, sophisticated, and fun. Each piece is made lovingly by hand using bead embroidery techniques. I love using different sizes and types of beads to make beautiful and unique pieces that are great as gifts or as a treat for yourself. I also love getting custom orders and have made many necklaces with treasured photos to celebrate or remember a loved one. Check out my website - and sign up for my VIP list to receive 15% off your next purchase plus early access to new listings, giveaways, promotions, and more. 

    A little about me personally: I am a born and bred New Yorker who now lives in the Los Angeles area after moving here with my husband 23 years ago. I have 2 teenagers, 2 fur babies, and I am a retired pediatrician who now works part-time as a physician advisor when I am not beading. I love to travel, am a voracious reader, love to create beautiful things, and am passionate about supporting autism acceptance as my teenage son is on the spectrum.

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  • Wild Child Jewelry Designs

    My name is Jesse Parry, and I am a Filipino American artist living in Metro Atlanta.

    I began metalsmithing during my sophomore year of high school. After taking a class with a professional metalsmith (and yes, one at first), my dad graciously gifted me with a torch and material which began my journey as a jewelry artist. Little did I know at the time metalsmithing would provide me with not only a creative outlet but connections to a wonderful community of artists and amazing people all over the world.

    My chosen medium is sterling silver. I specialize in creating Custom Mountain Bracelets which draw inspiration from family trips to Blue Ridge, GA. The most striking feature is the iridescent patina, which adds pops of color and creates a unique and distinctive look. Minimalist, modern, and nature-inspired are ways to describe my collection of handcrafted jewelry. You can expect for each piece to be meticulously crafted with your comfort in mind.

    When I'm away from my bench, I'm either baking scones, writing, or hanging out with my dogs. No matter where I am, I'm always listening to classic rock.

    Be sure to check out for more information on jewelry and design inspiration.

    Find me on Instagram and Facebook.

    You can also check out my mentor/best friend’s page @CatGoolsby.

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