Ceramic Sushi Set, Sushi Lover Gift Idea, Pottery Sushi Set, Minimal Sushi Set

By Moffat Claycraft

$46.00 / pcs

Total: $46.00


Calling all sushi lovers! Crafted from sturdy speckled clay, this ceramic sushi set is perfect for serving your favorite roll in the comfort of your home. The set comes with a square plate, a square dipping bowl (also the perfect size for dipping dumplings!), a chopsticks rest, and chopsticks. Whether you’re a sushi lover yourself, or looking for a gift idea for the sushi lover in your life, this set is sure to bring a hip, yet minimal style to the table.  

The dimensions for each piece of the set are as follows: 

  • Plate - 4 1/2"

  • Dipping Bowl - 3” 

  • Chopsticks Rest - 1.5”

It is also conveniently dishwasher safe.

A note from Teresa Moffat:

The handmade nature of this ceramic sushi set means that no two of them are alike; I think this makes each one even more special than the last! I throw each piece of this set on my potter's wheel, fire, and glaze by hand, resulting in a truly unique set of pieces every time.

This does mean that the set you will receive will be slightly different than the one photographed, although I stay true to color, material, quality, and dimensions.  

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