Ceramic Espresso Cup Set, Handcrafted Housewarming Gift

By Moffat Claycraft

$75.00 / pcs

Total: $75.00


Finally! A simple way to enjoy a warm and delicious espresso with your closest friends and family. The Moffat Claycraft Espresso Cup Set comes with 4 ceramic cups on a matching ceramic saucer for serving and display. The heavy insulated quality of each cup will keep your brew warm for much longer than other espresso cups, yet each is crafted with grooves on the side and to be lightweight enough for easy holding.

If you’re on the lookout for a gift, the espresso lovers in your life will absolutely love this set. With a modern and natural rustic design, elegant yet sturdy, this versatile espresso set will go with almost any home decor style.

Each espresso cup holds up to 4 oz., and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Each cup measures 2.5” high and 2” across.

A note from Teresa Moffat:

The handmade nature of the espresso cups in this set means that no two of them are alike; I think this makes each one even more special than the last! I throw each cup on my potter's wheel, fire, and glaze by hand, resulting in a truly unique ceramic cup every time. This does mean that the cups you will receive will be slightly different than the ones photographed, although I stay true to color, material, quality, and dimensions.

I will make sure the espresso set arrives in good condition, putting extra care in the packaging.

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