Goat Milk Soap Bars

By Simply Daisy

$6.49 / pcs

Total: $6.49


• Made with organic, unrefined ingredients
• Heals, soothes & smoothes
• Helps eczema, psoriasis, dry and sun damaged skin
• Scented with essential oil
• We use our own fresh goat’s milk

Are you tired of your soaps drying out your hands or maybe just need a quick, American-made gift shipped fast? Our soaps may surprise you as they can actually heal & rejuvenate your skin.

Handmade with organic ingredients in the USA, our skin-friendly products will be shipped within 24 business hours. Find relief now & order today!

The goat's milk is extra moisturizing and great for skin problems like eczema and rashes. They're scented with essential oils, which has added benefits as well. For especially problematic skin I recommend the lavender, which helps soothe and heal, or the unscented.

This soap is mild enough that it may be used on the face. It's so decadent, it's great for shaving, too!

Each bar weighs around 4.5 oz and measures 2.5" square and just over 1" thick.

Ingredients: olive oil, goat milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), essential oil. Depending on the scent, it could contain dried herbs and natural colorants from nature (like chlorophyll & clays).

2.50 in
2.50 in
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Net Weight
4.50 lb
Gross Weight
5.00 lb