Ceramic Coffee Mug, Ceramic Tea Mug, Gift for Coffee Lovers.

By Moffat Claycraft

$40.00 / pcs

Total: $40.00


We're big advocates for getting cozy all year long, and what’s cozier than sitting down with a handcrafted pottery mug filled with your favorite warm drink? Perfect for morning cups of coffee or late-night herbal tea, this hand-thrown ceramic mug really is perfect for any occasion or gift. Each mug is glazed white on the inside, with white or other earthy colors on the outside to complement the red speckled clay beneath. Some of the mug’s clay is left unglazed to add appreciation for the color and texture, adding a nice contrast with the glazed areas. 

This beautiful ceramic mug measures 3 1/2” in height, 3 1/4" across, and holds 10oz of your favorite beverage. It is also conveniently dishwasher safe.

A note from Teresa Moffat:

The handmade nature of this ceramic mug means that no two of them are alike; I think this makes each one even more special than the last! I throw each mug on my potter's wheel, fire, and glaze by hand, resulting in a truly unique piece every time. This does mean that the mug you will receive will be slightly different than the one photographed, although I stay true to color, material, quality, and dimensions.  

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