Small Zipper Pouch

By Hello Hue Studio

$55.00 / pcs

Total: $55.00


Some might say that the small zipper pouch is the ideal sidecar to the sweet, roaring ride that is your life. Other might just say it’s the perfect size to hold the important things while going out and about.

Vertical stripes and natural denim pattern on one side, horizontal stripes on the other, with a flat bottom that’s equally nice to look at. 

Sunrise stripe colors: stone gray, light gray, mustard, and peony pink.

Ocean stripe colors: sky blue, bright blue, deep teal, and indigo.

      • 8" x 2.75” x 4.25” // a smaller grab-and-go organizer for the essentials

      • 100% cotton // because natural fibers are better
      • heavyweight 11 oz denim // luxurious feel with a pleasing heft
      • reclaimed lining + leather // more sustainable than virgin materials
      • YKK brass zipper // the zipper that keeps on zippin’
      • 100% natural dyes // sustainably foraged and grown
      • washable // as things should be

The natural dyeing process used by Hello Hue Studio uses fresh, dried, and extracted plant dyes. The low-water immersion method creates a subtle ripple or marble pattern in the dyed fabrics, resulting in a beautiful tonal range and depth of color.

**Color arrangement in the stripe pattern may vary**

**Lining materials, colors, and patterns vary**

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0.20 lb
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