By Hello Hue Studio

$58.00 / pcs

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They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but we vote for keeping your cash, phone, and keys closest. Meet your newest clutch companion: perfect for all the essentials and works well on its own or inside a larger bag.

Correlating diagonal stripes and natural denim on both sides. 

Sunrise stripe colors: stone gray, light gray, mustard, and peony pink.

Ocean stripe colors: sky blue, bright blue, deep teal, and indigo.

      • 10" x 5.5” x .5” // a slim bag, keeping it all together
      • 100% cotton // because natural fibers are better
      • heavyweight 11 oz denim // luxurious feel with a pleasing heft
      • reclaimed lining + leather // more sustainable than virgin materials
      • YKK brass zipper // the zipper that keeps on zippin’
      • 100% natural dyes // sustainably foraged and grown
      • washable // as things should be

The natural dyeing process used by Hello Hue Studio uses fresh, dried, and extracted plant dyes. The low-water immersion method creates a subtle ripple or marble pattern in the dyed fabrics, resulting in a beautiful tonal range and depth of color.

**Color arrangement in the stripe pattern may vary**

**Lining materials, colors, and patterns vary**

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